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Tips to Book Cheap Flights to Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia’s dynamic capital city is one of the most visited cities in the United States, bringing millions of visitors each year from all over the world. Atlanta, often known as the Big Peach or the Gateway to the Southeast, has a plethora of reasons to consider it a fantastic tourist destination. This vibrant US destination promises to have something for everyone, with attractions ranging from stunning historical buildings and engaging museums to world-class restaurants and a thriving shopping scene.

It is unrealistic to expect a major tourist site to be inexpensive. If you’re planning a trip to Atlanta but don’t want to break the bank, consider these suggestions.

Book Flight tickets early

Flights to Atlanta should be booked one to two months in advance. As you move closer to your travel dates, the cost of flying tends to rise. You also have a better opportunity of selecting your travel and comfort preferences before they run out. It will also save you from a last-minute scramble for discounts and offers. Last-minute flight prices may appear appealing at times, but if you’re arranging flights for your family or a large party, it can prove to be risky.

To save on flight tickets visit during the off-season

Booking airline tickets during peak tourist seasons can be expensive. Instead, go during the off-season, which is less expensive and can help you save money on airfare. The best time to visit Atlanta is during the off-season months of December to February when flight tickets and hotel costs are both very affordable. Also, avoid visiting Atlanta between June and September, when the weather is nice, luring people from all over the world, and the city is at its busiest. As a result, everything is expensive, including airfare and hotel costs.

Consider an alternate airport instead of Atlanta to save money on flight tickets.

The best thing is to compare flight ticket rates before making a final flight booking if more than one airport in the origin or final destination is available, as there can be a substantial variation in ticket pricing if you choose the main airport rather than the surrounding alternate airports. In the case of Atlanta, you can check out Birmingham Shuttlesworth International Airport (BHM) in Alabama instead of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). It could be an excellent alternative to Atlanta Airport for booking a competitively cheap flight ticket.

 Check out the cheaper days to fly

Try to schedule your flight for Atlanta during the mid-week because flight tickets are comparatively cheaper. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday are often less expensive than the rest of the week, especially Fridays and Sundays when flight tickets are more expensive, so avoiding these days can save you a lot of money.

Skip the holiday rush by booking tickets to Atlanta in advance

Book airline tickets to Atlanta at least six to eight weeks in advance for a cost-effective family vacation throughout the holiday season, such as Christmas, New Year’s, Thanksgiving, or any other holidays, as the last-minute flight booking during these months can be costly. By planning and reserving flight tickets in advance, you may also take advantage of the airline’s special festival offers.

Enroll in a frequent flyer program to get discounts on flights

Through the airline’s frequent flyer program, you can earn miles or points. Depending on the level of accumulating points, the earned miles can be exchanged for cheap airline tickets, discounted airfares, upgrades, and even free flights.

Set a Price Alert to get aware of a price drop

Setting a Price Alert is a great way to be notified when the price of a flight ticket changes. It’s a handy way of keeping track of airfare changes. When it comes to airfare prices, they are continuously changing. It is simple to book tickets when the price reduces by setting up an alert. Even a tiny discount can add up to considerable savings, especially if you’re booking a ticket for a family or a large party.

If you want to save money on plane tickets, choose odd flight times

Try to plan flights during unusual hours, such as early morning, nighttime, or during the lunch or dinner hour, as there aren’t many people who want to fly at these times due to the inconvenient schedule. If you wish to save money on your flight tickets, choose these so-called not-so-comfortable flight timings and enjoy the benefits associated with them.

Cheap flight tickets can be obtained by purchasing discounted vacation packages

On numerous websites, look for Atlanta family vacation packages that include cheap flights and low-cost hotel accommodations. If you can be a bit more flexible with your travel schedule and location, you can save a lot of money.

Tips to find cheap last-minute flights to New York City

New York City is one of the most visited places in the United States that welcomes millions of people every year. Since it is frequented by a lot of people at all times of the year, it might not be prudent to wait till the last minute for booking airplane tickets to New York City. However, in case you are are facing an emergency or any urgent situation then in those cases you can’t help but book last-minute flights to New York. In this article, our research team has come up with a few innovative hacks to find cheap last-minute flights to New York City.

Compare last-minute New York flight deals

We suggest you spare a few minutes and compare the prices of last-minute flights to New York through various online travel agents and flight aggregators even if you are facing an emergency. Last minute Airplane tickets to New Yorkcost higher most of the time but by comparing flight prices you can grab some discounts and deals even on last minute flights to New York.

Always subscribe to price alerts

After you are done searching for flight tickets and you have found what you want, click on the price alert button and relax for a while. You would get an instant notification in case the fare drops due to any reason. This is a great way of reducing the financial burden of flying at the last minute and grabbing cheap airline tickets and cheap last-minute flights.

Be flexible with your destination

If you are not obsessed with any particular location and are just looking to go out and take a break, then you might be able to help yourself in grabbing cheap flight tickets to any place including last-minute flights. Travelling during the off-season and non-festive season to any place in the world can largely reduce the travel cost even if you have made last minute impromptu plans.

Travel during the middle of the week

Travelling during the middle of the week is a tried and tested way to save on flights fares, prominently in the case of last-minute travel. Ticket prices are generally higher during the weekends, even more so in case of last-minute departures. Therefore opting for a mid-week flight can save you from splurging more even if you have immediate travel plans.

Keep an eye on flash sales

Flash sale is a way by which air carriers advertise their vacant seats and fill them up by offering attractive discounts. Search for these and if you get lucky, you may be able to grab cheap airline tickets even if you have last-minute travel plans.

Stalk Airlines and Travel websites on Social Media

The social media profiles of airlines and travel agencies can be a treasure-trove  for finding amazing flight deals and cheaper last-minute flight deals. If you are a regular traveller or happen to book last minute flights regularly, it’s best to be active on social media and follow these accounts. Some of the best flight deals can be grabbed though the social media handles of travel companies.

Call the customer care of the travel company directly

Most of the travel agencies have experienced customer care executives at the helm who know how to do their job. They are well aware of how to find cheap tickets from the options they have. So call them directly and tell them your requirement straightaway. They are most likely to find the best last minute deal for you that will not leave you sulking after completing your journey.

Fly with budget air carriers

Flying last-minute and check how to find cheap flights with budget airline can be an effective way of saving yourself from burning a hole in your pocket if you have no other choice. Budget airlines like Spirit Airlines, Allegiant Air and Southwest Airlines offer fairs which are at a considerable discount when compared with regular airline fares even if you are flying at the last minute.


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